Why should we encourage kids to play chess?

Not all parents are very appreciative with the idea of introducing chess game to their kids. They say that it’s too complex for their young minds and that their kids will only be stressed with it and may end up frustrated and depressed. However, experts have suggested allowing kids to experience chess game because it does improve their mental capacity and do it with proper guidance.

To encourage parents further, a study has been made about kids who play chess game and here are the ten reasons why parents should let their kids play the game

  • It fun and entertaining – when kids understand the story of the game, they will be interested in playing with it.
  • Develops analytical skills –  kids who play chess are noticeably smart compared to other kids because their analytical skills are quite developed than that of other kids.
  • Kids will learn to overcome their weaknesses – they are able to cope with the challenge that they are facing thus allowing them to focus on their strengths and beat the game.
  • Improves self-image – kids becomes more confident in his abilities and this can be achieved by playing chess game.
  • Enhances or develops social skills – kids are able to think before acting in a game scenario, much like with real life. You have to carefully think on what to do before doing it.
  • Improves mathematical skills – because of specific moves of the characters, the kid is able to calculate better thus improves the ability to solve problems based on mathematical concepts.
  • Improves the kids overall approach to education – since he is able to enjoy the game and learn at the same time. The kid can appreciate more of life and that includes education.
  • For safety – kids who are indulging with chess game are less likely to get involved with gangs and other dangerous activities.
  • The game is very cheap – kids now a days demand game consoles which are very expensive. The chess game however is only a small fraction of what these consoles’ cost.
  • Online versions are available – this game can also be accessed through the internet which cost nothing.

Parents may not realize that the chess game has a lot of benefits, the only problem is that they don’t make an effort to learn about the game and the positive things that their kids might develop through playing this game.