How Do You Win a Chess Match?

There are a lot of strategies that chess players employ in their matches in order to assure a win. Nevertheless, players who employ strategy is guaranteed to have a great game and opponents will really have a difficult time playing against players who came in prepared.

Here are six steps to use in order to increase your chances of winning a chess game

  • Never give up pieces for free – take time to see the field and take any advantage that you see. If you have to lose a piece, be sure to take one as well, a piece that has a greater value to put your opponent in a disadvantage.
  • Set traps – sneaking at your opponents chess pieces in a good strategy. Look for isolated pieces and try to misdirect the attention of your opponent and capture one piece at a time.
  • CHARGE!!! – Always be aggressive and move forward. Your aggressive style puts pressure on your opponent and completely discombobulates you opponent which ultimately destroy his game plan.
  • Be resourceful – strategically use every piece that you have. Your job is to seek and destroy any chess piece of your opponent but to this wisely. Remember, the rule of thumb when you play chess is to defend 40% and be the aggressor 60% of the time.
  • No touch no move – being able to think first before moving is important. Hesitation will give a hint to your opponent that you are not sure of what you are doing and will take full advantage of your mishap.
  • Practice – always have time to practice. This will help you familiarize everything about the chess game and you can use that knowledge to your advantage once you’re in a match.

Using these six tips will generally improve your chances of winning. However, bear in mind that not most of the time you will win if you use these pointers but you will ultimately have a great game if you use it in a match.