Chess Set As A Gift

Giving gifts is always an amazing gesture and it bears a lot of meaning to the one who is giving and to the one who receives a gift. It may be for appreciation for a generous act, a fulfillment of a wish or something to give on a special day. The gifts that we usually give are material things that the receiver really want or need. However, it is quite seldom that we hear chess set as a gift.

Yes, a chess set as a gift. This is not normal at all. Usually, the things that we give as a gift ranges from clothes, shoes, gadgets and money not chess pieces, that’s just crazy. However, it is true that some people likes to give that kind of gift and some people wish for it as well. But why? You might ask, well there are a number of reasons why some people would like to receive a set of a chess game for a gift and these reasons might be very surprising.

The benefits of receiving chess set present

  • Playing chess can make us smarter – there us an educational advantage with playing chess game. According to an American study, chess is a strong tool for developing a higher level of thinking and that certain mental skills are developed along the way. It enhances creativity and verbal aptitudes and also sharpens the memory. Using this game properly will yield much benefit for an individual.
  • Improves mental health – people who have depression and others who are experiencing great stress can greatly benefit from playing chess. Playing this game diverts their attention from the bad things that they have experienced. Furthermore, older folks enjoy this game because it lifts their spirits up and experts call that psychotherapy.
  • Improves relationships – the chess game requires two players. This encourages an alone time between couple and a friendly match does not hurt. This can also be a moment where things can be talk about. An interaction between two individuals through the game promotes relaxation thus facilitates a sincere conversation.

Now, you might be able to change your mind about giving a chess set as a gift for that special someone. Overall, measuring the benefits of a chess game will take days, but the most important thing is that we enjoy the game for what it is and what it gives us in return.