Characters of The Chess Game

Chess pieces are so many that novice players get confused on how to use each and every one of them. This is one of the disadvantages of playing the chess game, because there are a lot of things to think about and you have to be aware of each characters roles and movements in order to really play the game in an organized manner. All in all there are six types of pieces in a chess set and each of these pieces represents a power and has different movement on the chess board.

Overall, people who are very familiar with the game need no explanation on how these pieces fit together in one game, but for those who are interested to know more about the chess game, here are some information that you might want to know.

The movement each chess piece

  • The Rook – can only more forward, backward, strafe right and left. Takes a great part of a popular move called castling, done together with the king. There are two rooks in a chess game.
  • The Bishop – has a diagonal movement. The bishop can only travel on the same tile color all throughout the game. The player will have a privilege of using two bishop pieces in a chess match.
  • The Queen – the only piece that can move to any vacant tile either diagonally, backward, forward and side to side. This is the most versatile piece in a chess set and hold the greatest power as well.
  • The King – needs to be protected at all times. The king can only move to a vacant tile one at a time in all direction. Together with the rook, they create the move called castling.
  • The Knight – has the most unique movement of all chess pieces. It can move forward, backward, side to side for 3×2 tiles which resemble a letter L. All the time, the knight moves onto a tile color opposite to where it belongs.
  • The pawn – only forward on tile at a time. However, at the start of the chess match, pawns can be advanced two tiles forward. If a piece in front of the pawn diagonally, it can capture that piece by moving in a diagonal direction as well towards it.

These are the roles of the different chess pieces that game enthusiast should know about.